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Seriously, you didn’t just click that ransomware hyperlink in an unsolicited email did you ?

A ransomware attack is a form of malware attack where the attacker seizes the device or data until a ‘ransom’ fee is paidRansomware attack exploits the open security vulnerabilities by infecting a PC or a network with a phishing attack, or malicious websites. The attack compromises a user’s computer by either locking the user out of the system or encrypting the files on the computer. It then demands a payment to restore the system or files. 

How Does a Ransomware Attack Work?

Attacks usually begin with a conventional phishing email that serves as a for the infected file to reach the your machine.

Once the victim’s device is exposed to the malicious code residing in the infected files, the hidden code takes control of the device or the system. Ransomware may remain dormant on the device until the device is vulnerable, and the user acts on it. Once the user acts on the malicious code, it may run its course and attack the files, folders, or the entire computer depending on its configuration.

Did you get here by following an email link?

Ransomware image
Look closely, you can see your inner turmoil

Consider yourself chastised. You wont do that again will you

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