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Our model

Unshakeable Salt is a consultancy company and thanks to our staffs half a century of experience,  we are able to provide valued advice direct to clients.  Although it is often tempting to use an existing procurement channel and let an agency contract the skills you need,  we are proficient in delivering projects on behalf of our customers.

We are agnostic of how we work for you,  there will be times where we will be directly approached by a customer and we will advise that an agency be used as an intermediary.  Likewise there are circumstances where it is more efficient and cost effective for a contract directly with ourselves or with our partner firms.

Via an agency

In the likelihood that you are reading this following information forwarded by an agency,  then you will already know who you wish (or will be contractually obliged)  to use. Where you wish to use our consultancy or contract services via an agency but are free to select which ones,  please follow the direct method below.

Direct to Unshakeable Salt

Firstly, we would love to hear from you on the phone. Lets talk about what you are aiming to achieve and what your current plans are to make it a reality.  If it’s something we can help with,  then we will ensure a contract is created to protects you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we start talking about the finer details of your requirements.  Once in place we will work with you to resource appropriately to ensure you deliver on time,  within your budget and with the level of quality and assurance that you need.

To book a phone meeting to discuss your requirements,  please use the form below. We recommend that 30 minutes be reserved for the initial meeting, allowing for time to for you to supply a brief of your requirements and so that we can introduce ourselves properly.


    Director of Unshakeable Salt, an Information security specialist who first started contracting in 1997.

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