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It’s hard to say that it’s been a quiet year. The absence of any blog posts should be a good indication of how busy a year it has been already. We’re now into June and the days will be soon getting shorter. Attending Splunk Live (splunkliveLDN2019) is the first opportunity to grab the time to write something for our website.

As UnshakeableSalt did not attend #InfoSecEurope this year, this is the first conference where I’ve been able to network. It’s also the first time I’ve been able to hand out some of our new @UnshakeableSalt laptop stickers out. If you’re reading this having swiped one up, don’t forget to take a photo and share it.


The Splunk Analytics and Data Science course was originally a 3 day course. For splunkliveLDN2019 it had been rolled into a single day and wow, did that hurt the head. Many thanks though to a great instructor, it’ll be back to work tomorrow and the Machine Learning curve can begin in earnist.

Splunk Onboarding
University of Exeter – Lessons learnt

The conference has also been very useful to enforce a message for a current engagement. All too often people try to implement Splunk too rapidly. They can see what it could do, but run before they can walk.

Both the Data Analytics course and the lessons learnt from the presenters have brought home the message. You need to know you’re data and not be tempted to use too much before reaping the benefits. Only implement the Security Use Cases that you need to and reduce the risk to the business. Once you have done that, then you can start to mature and expand your coverage.

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