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Unfortunately, fraudsters don’t take time off at Christmas. They’ll be depending on key members of staff being away from the office, which could make it easier for them to target your business. With festive spirit in the air and people out of their normal routine, these scams reach out into personal homes and lifestyles.

December can also often be a time for spending more and with that comes the heightened possibility of Scams. We’d like to bring your attention to these to help you, your business and your family and friends, stay safe in the seasonal period.

Some top tips to help you stay safe

Follow these top tips to help ensure you don’t fall victim to Fraud thisChristmas

Supervise the newly digitally connected

Christmas brings a whole suave of people online. Whether it is their first smartphone, a new gaming console or an Internet-of-Things device for the home. This time of year sees an introduction of inexperience internet users. It’s important to supervise and give advice to those for whom this is first time ‘always on, always connected’. Try to attend a safeandsecureonline course to ensure that you’re household stays safe.

Protect your personal Information.

Christmas can be a busy time of year for purchasing online and over the phone. Make sure you’re alert to the kind of information that’s being collected to complete the sale and ensure it’s necessary for the vendor to be collecting it. Be sure of whom you are talking to on the phone. Vishing is common at this time of year, as fraudsters phone up to gather person information from you via impersonation. If they phoned you – ask yourself “why should you provide personal information to identify yourself” ?

Ensure everyone follows the correct procedures while key members of staff are on leave.

As the holidays approach it’s likely that some key members of staff will be on annual leave, ensure that the colleagues who remain still follow normal processes, such as two to authorise, and shortcuts are not taken. It’s far too easy to do something different just because someone else isn’t available. Remember that the penalties for doing something late are better than doing something wrong.

Don’t overshare – Beware what you’re sharing on social networking sites.

Advertising your whereabouts whilst out of the office or away from home could give fraudsters the detail they need to trick their way in. Neighbours and Co-workers could be socially engineered into letting the fraudster in. Don’t publicly share information that they could use.

Check your Invoices – Don’t push through a payment if you’re unsure on the vendor’s credentials.

1 in 7 Businesses in the UK have been victim to Invoice Scams in the last 12 months. Make sure the correct due diligence is completed prior to paying away. Don’t be forced into pushing through a payment, and always verbally confirm any changes by calling a known contact.

Family and friends

We hope that by taking these steps and remaining cyber aware, you will have a very merry Christmas.

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