Unshakeable Salt

There was an interesting live webcast yesterday by Info Security Magazine on Advanced Persistant Threats (APTs).  Given the news of major recent breaches,  the panel asked the audience what they were doing about mitigating the risk posed.

7% of those who voted stated that they were not aware of advanced persistent threats at all, with a further 11% knowing of there existence,  but discounting them as being no risk to their organisation at all.   Of those polled,  35% of people were not looking to mitigate their risk exposure.

The threat horizon would suggest that the risk from APT’s is rising, with the skills gap becoming a chasm.  Organisations need to apply a rigorous information risk assessment. New tools and processes are not required as the industry can already deal with the threats posed,  but organisations must apply good practice now.  Preparations need to be in place before being the next victim of an attack.

Director of Unshakeable Salt, an Information security specialist who first started contracting in 1997.

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