Unshakeable Salt

Unshakeable Salt Ltd is a limited company on the registrar of England and Wales which offers IT and Information Security consultancy to public and private sector organisations within the UK.  We also still offer business administration and events management to some of our clients who just couldn’t face losing us after we left our previous organisations.

So why the Private Limited Company ?

Up until 2015 the Directors and consultants did not need a dedicated company for the provision of IT, Infosec and Appsec services. Instead we have worked through the cover of other organisations, sometimes as employees, sometimes as directors – including the original LDAP Ltd that was founded back in 1997, when one of the Directors first started being a contractor to the MoD.

The move to provide more Security Cleared personnel to other sectors in 2015 seemed to be the right time to start a fresh company – with our Memorandum of Incorporation written to identify and respond to the different risk appetite that modern IT contractors face. The choice of private limited was easy to make – as many of our existing clients still stipulate both a full limited company and the amount of professional indemnity cover that come with it.

So have we picked Unshakeable Salt as a name ?

There are long and short versions of why we picked it as a name. The shorter version all evolves around finding something (vaguely) security related into a name that people from outside of the Infosec community can remember – which was influenced by the availability of a cheap domain name. We aren’t about internet sales and being Yorkshire based, we weren’t about to spend more than a couple of quid for a name. A quick game of buzz word bingo whilst supping a Costa coffee in a Wacky Warehouse resulted a few possibilities, but the most favourable name being both taken and above the price threshold we wanted to pay for a domain name.

So Salt was chosen for the ‘salting’ of credentials and Unshakeable was chosen to make it both remember-able whilst enforcing a principle of being dependable. We have not found a method of removing the magnesium carbonate from salt – so if Google has sent you here to discover a way of preventing the salt from falling off your fish & chips on a Friday, then we sincerely apologise for wasting your time.

Finally, we don’t have anyone called Salt working here. You can stop trying to brute force our logon page now. /thanks

Director of Unshakeable Salt, an Information security specialist who first started contracting in 1997.